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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Difficulty Understanding the Application Update Procedure

I don't know whether it's because I have just been fortunate, the hiring process was less complicated when I first entered the workforce, the types of jobs for which I have applied, or some combination of the above options or an entirely different reason, but my experience until recently always had been fill out an application, have a short interview, and then find out whether the manager wants to offer me a job (more often than not). These days, many businesses seem to expect an applicant to repeatedly call them to receive updates on his or her application status. Despite this, I still find it difficult to do so since it runs counter to how I was brought up. Back then, such behavior would be regarded as self-serving and a waste of time of whoever one was calling. "If the business is really interested", so the thinking went, "it will let you know. No need to go pestering them." Furthermore, even if such behavior directly correlated with how much the applicant wants to get the job, it still fails to demonstrate how much the applicant wants to do the job- which are two entirely different concepts.

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